When to Replace a Patio Door

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If you want to make your house feel more spacious, the perfect patio door can help a lot. In addition to that, it enables more fresh air and natural light inside.  

You will typically begin seeing some signs whenever it is time to replace your existing door. This includes how it opens and the appearance of the door.  

A lot of professional patio doors Phoenix companies can help you figure out when it is time to replace your door. They can also help choose the best one for your house. 

Outdated Style 

Perhaps you are simply looking for a new style. A new patio door might help improve the value of your house and lower your energy bills.  

Broken Glass or Other Damage 

Patio doors can be damaged by hail and other elements. If your door is greatly damaged, you might have to replace the entire thing.  


If you could see condensation between the glasses, the seal of your patio door might not be properly working. In addition to that, condensation could be associated with humidity or poor installation. 

Moisture and air can gather between the pains whenever the seal fails. This could compromise energy savings and insulation. 

Noticeable Cracks or Gaps 

If you notice gaps between the frame and the doors or between the two doors, it is time for you to replace your old patio door. If you neglect this, you will likely spend too much on your energy bills.  

Rain and snow could leak through the gaps. This will result in damage to your flooring and door.  

You should replace your wooden patio door if it is blistering, peeling, or chipping. This can be a sign that your door is slowly dying from the inside.  

Room is Too Cold or Too Hot 

One big indication that you have to buy a new patio door is the draft. Seals around the door could break and retract whenever they get older.  

Utilize an incense stick by the door if you want to search for drafts. If the smoke is drifting towards the door’s edges, then there is a draft.  

Your room will appear too cold or too hot if your patio door is a bit drafty. In addition to that, it can increase your cooling and heating expenses.  

French Doors 

Depending on the style you’ve got, a French patio door will easily swing inward or outward.  

The hinges can be deteriorating and close to breakdown if the door is not properly operating. Also, this can make the latch stuck. This will make your door useless.  

Sliding Glass Doors 

For those who don’t know, a sliding glass door follows a track in order for it to close or open. The rollers can be damaged if they will not open or close. On the other hand, the door might be misaligned with the rack.  

If your door scrapes while opening, an expert can check your sliding door. However, if this is the case, it does not necessarily mean you have to replace your door.  

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