The Magic of a Midnight in Paris

2 Aug 2012
Taste Architecture The Cupola
Taste Architecture The Cupola 2
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Taste Architecture The Cupola 4
Taste Architecture Mandeep Bedi

It was Paris in New York.   Within a bronze dome nestled on the corner of the infamous NoMad hotel rooftop, 10 guests including myself enjoyed an evening of French cuisine with a 360° view of the New York skyline.   The Cupola, a 1903 French Renaissance boîte located in New York’s garment district, is a Beaux-Arts showstopper.  In this intimate alcove, we were treated to a 6-course Provençal-inspired gustatory feast crafted by NoMad Hotel Restaurant‘s own Chef Daniel Humm, the culinary mastermind behind Eleven Madison Park.

Inside the Cupola, it was Midnight in Paris. The moody midnight blue walls shifted its shading as the sun set behind Manhattan skyline.   A tasteful arrangement of white roses and lilies sat center of a round mahogany table, surrounded by countless wine and champagne glasses.  Each glass lustrously reflected the soft tea lights and lambent glow of a singular brass chandelier.  Under the ambient gaze of the Empire State Building, we used up all the glasses one by one, each thoughtfully paired with Laurent-Perrier champagne for each course.  It was a magical evening, filled with conviviality and romance.  We had all forgotten that it was only a Thursday.

This soiree was carefully curated by Mandeep Bedi, the founder of TasteArchitecture, LLC, a company dedicated in the creation of distinct architectural and epicurean experiences.  It exposes hidden architectural gems throughout New York, integrating them with its cultural heritage and cuisine.   At the tender age of 21, Mandeep was greatly influenced by her life in Lyon, France- between her first culinary experience with the renowned Master of French Gastronomy, Chef Paul Bocuse and by the architectural composition of the secret passageways that weaved throughout Lyon called Les Traboules.  It seemed only a matter of time that her two passions will blend into a singular, cohesive vision, one that allowed her to uncover and share architectural gems mixed with epicurean delights with other appreciators of beauty.

The catalyst it seemed was another New York architectural treasure, The Temple Court, an abandoned Romanesque nine-story gemstone overlooked by modernity.  A year after she discovered the space, she was miraculously allowed to host an exclusive one-day only event.  And on December 18, 2011, in this glorious 1881 Queen Anne, neo-Grec, Renaissance Revival historic New York landmark, TasteArchitecture was born.

When something unexpected and beautiful meet at a cross-roads and transports us into an otherworldly sense of being- we recognize this as magic.  Mandeep Bedi is the effulgent magician, and TasteArchitecture is her top hat.  Since TasteArchitecture’s inception, we have witnessed with breathy anticipation two phenomenally executed events.  I look forward to being part of many more for years to come.



* If you would like information on future TasteArchitecture events, please contact Mandeep Bedi at Mandeep (at) TasteArchitecture (dot) com or on Facebook.

**Hint: There will be an upcoming event this fall 😉


|  Photos of the Cupola by Frances Janisch  |

|  Photo of Mandeep Bedi at The Temple Court by Shira Weinberger  |


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  1. It looks so lovely!!! When’s my turn to go?! hahaha.

  2. Michelle says:

    Beautiful pictures!!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Omg….what a stunning place….I love everything from the globe lanterns to the deep navy dining area. I also agree about the animal print, but your dress nails it with the subtler ‘spots’.

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