Philippine Street Food

13 May 2013

I recently came back from a 3-week trip to the Philippines. My mother and I along with my baby, Miya, flew to the Philippines to put my dad’s ashes to rest. It has been a harrowing experience to travel with a baby- especially when the trip takes about 32 hours from door to door. But Miya traveled well, and she adjusted easily enough to the time difference. Seeing her bond with my aunts, uncles, cousins and grandmother was heartwarming and was worth every aching muscle and sleeplessness.

One of the many things I miss about the Philippines are the delicious street foods.  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a “Taho” vendor.  “Taho” is warmed soft tofu served with a caramel sauce and tapioca.  It is a breakfast item sold by a walking vendor circling various towns.  But we got some of my other favorites.

Foods featured in the video: fresh coconut, tapsilog (shredded beef, fried egg over garlic rice), Inihaw (barbecued beef, pork, intestines, pig’s ear, etc…), fried butterfish, sauteed Lapu-Lapu with mixed veggies, roasted chicken, pandesal (fresh breakfast bread), squid balls, fish balls, kwek-kwek (deep-fried quail eggs), sorbettes, lechon (whole roasted pig), sisig, sagot gulaman, halo-halo, chicken inasal, stuffed squid, crabs, pancit canton, buko pandan ice cream

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  1. Great video! Seeing the action, vibrancy and diverse foods really makes me miss traveling. But I bet you’re relieved to be back home :)

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