29 May 2014

I love throwing dinner parties. I take great pleasure seeing my guests gathered around, enjoying each others’ company and eating a great meal together. There is an elevated sense of conviviality when one throws a good party- one that invites intimate conversations and laughter as time recedes in our consciousness and the hours melt into the ether.

But there is a fine line between dinners and dinner parties. While dinners are meant to share good food, dinner parties go beyond the meal. It is as much about style and vision as it is about the food. It is an art form on its own- to gather elements from guest lists to décor to lighting to music to the food and wine and bringing it together into one harmonious experience. That’s a dinner party.

&Learn is a cooking and styling series meant to guide food lovers into creating beautifully styled events in their own homes, whether they are hosting a few close friends or large crowds, from casual to elegant affairs. All classes will source local and seasonal ingredients with easy recipes designed to accommodate people’s busy schedules. &Learn will help you through the menu planning, wine choices, and even design a work plan to alleviate the stress of entertaining on the day of the event.

In this intimate setting, we will also show you useful kitchen tricks and shortcuts to make everyday cooking a lot easier. We will help arm you with skills and hone habits that will be useful for making quick family meals. It is one of life’s greatest pleasures to entertain friends and family.  These classes are designed to make you fall in love with cooking and entertaining- and we look forward to being part of that love story.

For upcoming events and classes, please visit: www.dailyampersand.com/events



Photos taken by the talented Jackie Bayne of Love Shack Photography

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