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6 Jan 2014
How to Wrap a Present 1
How to Wrap a Present 2
How to Wrap a Present 3

The end of the holiday season is always so bittersweet.  The ceremony of getting the house all gussied up for Christmas, the anticipation, the holiday parties and preparation for our yearly Christmas brunch makes parting with this season slightly painful.  But then again there is a sense of relief that accompanies taking down all the decorations.  The dust of the holiday revelry has settled and life is back to normal.


“Each day provides its own gifts.”

Marcus Aurelius

My parents taught me how to wrap presents.  Some may think its strange, but I love the entire process of it.  It’s somewhat meditative and I absolutely love making the presents look tantalizing and tempting.  I was working on this little video before Christmas.  However, due to my computer crashing (way too many video files apparently), I wasn’t able to upload it on time.  Gift wrapping, however, is a perennial ability one calls for over and over again for various occasions so I hope you find this useful and inspiring for your next gift wrapping project!


  • I prefer to use double-sided tape since the Type A in me doesn’t like to see the tape lines.
  • I also love using pretty washi tapes to embellish the edges of the wrapping paper- however this is not at all necessary!
  • Cut excess paper- it makes it so much easier to wrap!
  • If all else fails, at least put the present in a pretty paper bag!  The unwrapping is part of the fun!


Gifts in this video were provided by pucciManuli, a remarkable collection for children and adults.

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