Dinner with Luca

27 May 2014

My family and I are avid watchers of Fox’s Masterchef.  There is something so supremely satisfying watching food being made- and between the theatrics, the food and the drama, that show got us hooked.  Luca Manfe, upon winning the title in season IV of Masterchef, has certainly made amazing strides since the finale.  He has since published a cookbook, in the midst of starting a restaurant in Brooklyn and has launched a successful series of dinner events and cooking classes.



We invited Luca to our home over Memorial Day weekend.  Luca on TV was charming, humble, and fun.  Luca in real life was every bit of the good guy we saw on TV.  It was quite refreshing when your impression of someone is validated when you meet them in person.  He was genuinely friendly, patiently answered all of our questions as he coolly cooked the four-course dinner for ten in about two hours.  It was wonderful to watch him work, and even more so to watch my rather star-struck step-daughter drink in the entire experience.

Even with the summer rain, we huddled under the comfort of the tent, a light breeze on our necks as we dined on the delicious menu he created.  We stayed up past midnight, lingering by the side of a dying bonfire as we chatted, drank coffee and whisky, polished off the chocolate molten lava cake with lavender salt and licked our spoons.  It was a decadent, summer night fueled by the invigorating delicacy of Luca’s food.  And we look forward to more dinners with Luca in the future.

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